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Barrel Dogs

Year Of The Frenchie February

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Love is in the air with the February installment of our Year Of The Frenchie Series!  We love this piece by Linda McKee so much, and it could be what sparked the idea for this whole project.  We found out about Linda's work when a graphic designer tried to pass this off as an original piece of their work and it was in the running to become our logo.  When we found out that it wasn't an original piece, we took it out of consideration for our logo but we never stopped loving it.  Through extensive research, and google image searches we found a document that mentioned Linda McKee and contacted her.  She is by far one of the sweetest, most generous people we have ever met.  And her love of Frenchies is unparalleled. 

This particular piece is part of a series called 'Romancing The Stone'.  It's a love story of two Frenchies when one shows no interest in the other.