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Why We Love Road Dogs and Rescue

Posted on September 19 2018

Road Dogs and Rescue is our honorary charity of the month!  We have our four regular charities that we contribute to, but when we were planning our one-year anniversary (and Basil's 5th birthday bash) we kept coming back to Road Dogs.  If you don't follow their Instagram you probably should.  The pictures are good, but the videos are the best!!

The dogs Road Dogs take in are generally special needs pups.  Which in our opinion make them incredibly irresistible.  These special cases are nothing but special.  Each dog exhibit such great spirit, and joy.  It's one of the most heartwarming things to see.  These are dogs which might normally be discarded by a breeder as being "unprofitable" (another reason to choose your bully breeder with care.  If you are buying, buy from a breeder that can prove they care about their dogs best interest rather than how much money they will make).

But Road Dogs is proof that these smush faced babies are not damaged goods.  They are full of spunk and have just as much personality, if not more, than their healthy counterparts.  They are indeed special beyond belief.

Nikki Carvey is the woman behind Road Dogs.  And one of our ultimate heroes.  Her unconditional love of these little munchkins shines through in such a touching way on the @Roadogs Instagram page.  Every success story is a delight, and every time we lose one of her rescues due to health complications we can take refuge in fact they got to live their best lives in the loving care of Nikki.

From a recent @roadogs post Nikki writes: "A lot of people ask why there are so many special needs puppies now. I don’t think it’s necessarily that there’s more born with issues but just that they are coming to rescue whereas in the past they were simply euthanized at birth. Whatever our differences with breeders, I am grateful to those that give special needs puppies a chance."  To us this is good news.  And hopefully a sign that more care is going into the breeding process.

We found some of Nikki's writing here, and they shed a real light on the inner workings of her life as a dog rescuer.  Based off of one entitled "Don't Believe the Hype", she may not enjoy our lofty praise of her efforts above, but we still think they are deserved.  It takes an amazing person, even if they do claim to have faults, to do the hard work of rescuing these special needs puppers.  

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you Nikki and all those that help Road Dogs and all the other dog rescuers out there as well.  We salute all the hard work, the laughter, the tears, and the rejoicing that you create.  If anyone needs proof of there being good in the world, just take a look at a rescue dog's transformation.  From being broken to becoming a happy go lucky pup again, that is all the proof you need. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!