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Glenfiddich the bulldog came into our lives for a very brief time, but left a big impact!  He was a rescue from Bulldog Haven NW and is such a sweetheart.  Unfortunately Basil Hayden and Bordeaux did not like having a big boy (over 60lbs to their 18!!) in the house.  No matter how sweet he was, they wanted nothing to do with him.  We decided that the right thing to do for everyone involved was to get him to another family where he would be fully accepted.  Rescuing is all about the dog involved and when there is not a perfect fit, no matter how much you want to keep him, it is best to let him go to a place where he will be loved just as much.  And it makes us so happy to know that Glen and his new fur sister are a perfect match together, because that is what he deserves.


Now with that said, we are honoring the time we got to spend with our Glen with these fun English Bulldog designs!

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