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Year Of The Frenchie - Thiago Bianchini

Posted on December 17 2019

We loved working with Thiago Bianchini on this collaboration! From the very start his enthusiasm for the project was infectious and his love of both art and Frenchies was very real. When we approached Thiago we had no idea that French Bulldogs are one of his favorite breeds of dog. We just loved his art! Plus, even though he’s from São Paulo, Brazil, he has done art for companies up in the Pacific Northwest, so instantly we felt connected to him.

Thiago’s story of becoming the artist he is today is one of persistence and passion! He started drawing at 14, but didn’t get serious until a couple years later when he was working at a skateboard shop painting long-boards. That is when he threw himself into his art; drawing day and night until his fingers were bleeding. By the time he was 19 we was working as an illustrator for various clothing companies. Some of the companies he’s worked for include O’Neill, Timberland, Element Eden, Roxy and others.

If you love the great outdoors and nature images you should definitely check out more of Thiago's work.  As evident in his Year Of The Frenchie design, where the stars are shining bright in the face of this black and white Frenchie, Thiago draws a lot of inspiration from the outside world around us.  

We are very blessed to have Thiago as the first release in our Year Of The Frenchie project. Not only is he an amazing talent, but he is someone that any budding entrepreneur should look up to as an example of how being passionate and throwing yourself into your work can bring you the life you want. Nothing comes easy, sometimes you have to make your fingers bleed to make your dreams a reality!

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