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Why We Love Jordan Binion Project

Posted on September 17 2018

Jordan Binion Project (JBP) is the one organization we are supporting that does not have to do with the doggies.  But we believe so strongly in what they are doing that we had to have them on the list.  

JBP's mission is to bring awareness of mental health issues to high school students through educational programs.  The idea being that education saves lives.  Getting the conversation going in high school lets young adults who may be struggling with a mental illness know there are places they can turn to get help.  That they don't have to go through whatever they are dealing with alone, and that it is OK to talk about it.  

Mental illness should not be a shameful condition.  We should be able to talk about it, and not feel like we have to hide from the world for fear of judgement.  If you had a symptom of a bodily illness, like cancer, most likely you would go get help, without a stigma that there was something inherently wrong with you.  The same should be for mental illness.  JBP wants to remove that stigma so young adults can feel there is hope out there, and feel that it is safe to find help for themselves to live with their mental illness.

Instead of rehashing their story I suggest looking at the wonderful piece NBC News did on the Binions.  I encourage everyone to read it and to watch the videos (click here). 

Deb and Will are just two of the most amazing people, along with their son Tony who is also on the board of JBP.  Their work inspires us to be better people.  They have touched our lives in a very special way since coming into it.  We couldn't imagine not knowing them.  They are kind, and loving, and just real people.  But our love of their family is not why we want to support JBP.  We truly believe in the work they are doing and the good it can do in this world.

For resources (locally in the Puget Sound area where JBP is located, as well as some national resources) click here.

Click here to read the warning signs of suicide.

And if you want to come to the JBP Annual Gala click here!